Monday, November 21, 2005

PETA Video

Looks like PETA didn't like this one.


TheSpaceAdmiral said...

Although it's fun to make light of some of PETA's more outrageous views, I can't imagine anyone opposing taking action against what is happening in those videos.

What I'm trying to say is, ewwwwww.

Chen-song said...

Yes, especially considering that some (probably many) of these animals are stolen from their owners.

Majik Sznak said...

Ugh. That video made me ill. Not so much the stuff after they're dead, although it's easy to feel sorry for the cat meowing at the cat pelts.

It just seems so cruel chucking boxes 'o kittens off of trucks.

Chen-song said...

This is pretty much a case of people who don't see pets differently from livestock. Incidentally, this is the common attitude of people living in agricultural societies.