Monday, November 14, 2005

Dawn of War

A while ago I bought a game from the bargain bin called Dawn of War; this is an RTS set in the Warhammer 40k universe. It's got a few elements that are quite rare in the RTS genre, and they make the game more like a tactical wargame in some ways than an RTS. For example, infantry come in squads instead of as individuals, and morale really matters. Plus, they fix some stuff that I've always had complaints about with games like Warcraft III. For example, in Dawn of War you can attach hero characters to regular infantry squads, which boosts their stats and makes the hero move with the rest of the army, whereas in WCIII I've always hated the hero going off on his own, away from the rest of my units. In general the game is just a lot of fun due to the universe - I mean, where else can you find heavy tanks, powered armour infantry with teleporters and plasma weapons, alongside daemons, witches, and avatars of gods, all in the same game? :)

As a side bonus, when you play the Space Marine faction, you get the Terminator Space Marines:

Yup, these guys are the protagonists from Space Hulk, coming in nicely detailed 3D models, with options for all their heavy weapons. The modding opportunity here is interesting...

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