Monday, November 28, 2005

Lost Patrol

I've discovered another interesting old boardgame, or rather a mini-game. It's called Lost Patrol, and is by the makers of Space Hulk. Some people on Boardgamegeek actually describe it as "Space Hulk Lite," and indeed it seems that way from the rules. The idea is that you have a small team of five space marines in a living jungle on a distant planet, and your objective is to reach a dropship and leave the planet. The jungle, controlled by the other player, is constantly shifting, and contains alien beasts called "lurkers." These will try to ambush the space marines at every opportunity. In addition, the board, which is made up of hex shaped pieces, is changed by the jungle player as the game goes on and the space marines move. The jungle player places new hex pieces down and removes old ones, and using what he gets from the shuffled board pile, also tries to trap the space marines in the jungle. All in all it looks like an interesting game, and far less complex than Space Hulk.

These are the hex board sections, made in a similar way to the Space Hulk ones.

These are counters representing the lurkers.

These are miniatures that I've had for a long time, used to represent the space marines. They have lighter armour than the ones in Space Hulk.

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