Tuesday, July 24, 2007

40k Tournament

Recently I've been busy priming and painting a bunch of models for a Warhammer 40k tournament in September. I'm assembling a Tyranid "Godzilla" army, an army made of mostly large monstrous creatures. The models are assembled, including magnetic arm sockets on all of the monstrous creatures, but most are not primed or painted yet. I'll have to hurry then...

The main hive tyrant with two tyrant guards. I bought the tyrant already painted, and the scheme is what I'm using for all the other monstrous creatures, but the tyrant has been modified to use magnets.

The carnifex I bought with the above hive tyrant. I modified it to have both big guns as a gunfex.
A new hive tyrant I built with wings and two twin-linked devourers. (really nasty weapons) I still have to prime and paint him.
Two identically equipped carnifexes (carnifices?) with two pairs of twin-linked devourers. Notice the green stuff I used to secure the magnets. These will be covered by the spray primer and paint.
My close combat carnifex, Gene Simmons.
Most of the big guys together. I'll have to post more photos once I paint more of them.


Marc-Julien said...

I'd like to photograph some of your miniatures. Maybe I can actually go to a match and take pictures of the layout as well.

Auxellion said...

In most Nidzilla list that are torney competetive they have a mix of:

3-4 Dakkafexs, 2 or 3 sniper fexs (Depending if they run unholy Choir too) and then a TL-dev Flyrant, along with possibly a walkrant with a VC

You seem to be doing good there,

For troops Leaping rippers are the best, and behind the wall of fexs, use a mix of 3-6 raveners (In groups of 1 or 2) and small squads of vanilla stealers

Chen-song said...

My full Nidzilla list is as follows:

Walkrant, VC, BS, toxin sacs, senses
Two Guards

Flyrant, senses, 2 X twin-linked devourers, warp field

3 X Dakkafexes
2 X Sniperfexes (VC, BS, senses, carapace, extra wound)

4 X 6 vanilla stealers
1 X 8 vanilla stealers

I'll put pictures on here some time.