Friday, August 04, 2006

Advice on LCD Monitors

Okay I need some advice here. I've been thinking of replacing my old CRT monitor with a new LCD one, but I'm kind of torn on what type of monitor to get. Should I just get a regular 19" LCD monitor, (some of these, especially the Acer, BenQ, or LG ones, are very cheap) or should I get one of the cheaper widescreen 20" ones? (again LG and BenQ ones are quite cheap at around $350) I'm not a super connoisseur or anything, so I don't really mind the cheaper models with somewhat worse display quality. In any case, any of the new LCDs will be better quality than my current monitor. What do you (the few people who read this blog) think is a better deal?


Majik Sznak said...

I feel display quality has gone down anyway. I have a 19" Dell at work and a 20" wide Dell at home, and the colours are nice, but there's this weird stippling thing going on that bugs me. My old 18.1" NEC looked creamy smooth.

The nice thing about the cheaper ones is you can go to a store and take a look. I love my 20" Dell: it's nice for watching tv shows, movies, and general computing. If you're browsing the web or coding, rotate it 90 degrees and you're set.

Chen-song said...

I probably don't need the rotation ability - with a wide screen I'll probably have two documents side by side. BTW, most 20" are 1680 by 1050 now, instead of the whatever by 800 or something that you have. But I'm not sure how many video cards support that particular resolution, and LCDs look better in their native resolution.

Chen-song said...

What do you mean by the "weird stippling thing?"