Monday, July 17, 2006


Forgeworld is an UK company that produces Warhammer 40k "spinoff" miniatures that Games Workshop doesn't make itself. Their miniatures are ludicrously detailed and gorgeous to look at, but are also ludicrously expensive. Check out some of these:

A Tau Orca Dropship: Notice all the troops and battlesuits sitting in the back.

A Tyranid Malanthrope

A Tyranid Trygon

A Tyranid Heirophant

A human super-heavy tank

A human inquisitor and his toilet paper dispenser :)


Majik Sznak said...

The Heirophant reminds me of Eddie : Iron Maiden's mascot.

Chen-song said...

The big evil "grin" seems to look similar on both. Of course, Eddie appears to be humanoid, whereas the Heirophant is a large six-limbed creature that walks on four of them, with the other two growing into large biological cannons.