Sunday, February 19, 2006

Stupid "Cyberpunk"

When I saw this, I got reminded of the link to a recent anti-DMCA "cyberpunk" story on Majik Sznak's website. This particular one features the right's favourite boogey boogaboo man, the UN, as opposed to the perennial left favourite, evil big corporations. I have something to say to both sets of morons who write stuff like this: when the eeevvviiilll eeeevvviiilll nightmarish oppressive corporation/government takes over, the silly computer crap won't be so easy, because all the stupid "underground" geek culture you are familiar with, it's a product of the current free western society. In a truly repressive regime, the crap you do with computers won't be possible! On top of all that, you need a middle class to economically sustain the computer culture.


Majik Sznak said...

What story was it?

Chen-song said...

This one: