Monday, December 19, 2005

Free Trade

Interesting results came out of Hong Kong. But I'm *very* skeptical that the west can keep its word about eliminating agricultural subsidies. The results of actually following through that policy would be interesting, but I suspect this agreement will show as much actual result as Kyoto, i.e. not much.


TheSpaceAdmiral said...

I didn't really follow the talks or agreement, but I was amazed to read (I can't remember where) that the U.S. was pushing for the 2010 date instead of going with the EU's 2013 proposal. It's true that the EU has higher subsidies, but I assumed the U.S. would also want the date back as far as possible.

Chen-song said...

We'll see if the countries involved actually ratify the agreement. The American proposal could very well be like Clinton's acceptance of Kyoto. Basically he signed it knowing that the US Congress would never ratify, but it made him look good internationally. (the Senate voted 97-0 on ratifying Kyoto)